Become Market Leader with a Brand Strategy for Your Business

Are you a start-up wanting to gain marketshare?

Or are you an established brand that's needing a refresh or to pivot in a new direction?

Or is your competition making strides ahead of you?

Whatever your situation, your business needs to be 'more'.

More to your customers, more to your employees and more to your shareholders.

  • More impact
  • More connection
  • More 'in' service

You need to redefine or reshape your brand to capture the heart and minds of all of your stakeholders.

So how can we achieve that for you?

Build a Brand Your Audience Falls in Love With

As the world becomes a busier place with more and more distractions, it can feel impossible to stand-out, but you can. How? By creating a powerful brand that serves. 

"The brand is the bit of the business that you fall in love with, connect with and feel a sense of belonging to. And it's not in one department or activity, it's in the very fabric of your organisation" Natalie Montagnani

It's a known fact that people are 75% more likely to buy from you if you can demonstrate that you are a conscious brand. This literally means, if you care about others, they will care about you. 

But the problem that I see with many organisations is a lack of clear communication, not only with customers, but even with your own staff or stakeholders. 

This is why it is so important to build you brand with strong foundations. In my Brand Builder model many organisations skip steps 1-5 and simply focus on step 6 which is all about promotion.

So I empower businesses by going back to the drawing board to redefine and refocus their marketing.

The first step is going back to your 'why', why you set up in business, who you're trying to help, what they want/need, defining your key messaging and brand assets, so it's clear for all to see why you are the organisation that they want to work with, by from or support.

  • Attract more of the right customers for your business, or target a new market 
  • Improve customer engagement, increase customer satisfaction and create loyal, legacy customers 
  • Increase donations and supporters
  • Become (or remain) the leader in your marketplace
  • Be seen as a thought-leader
  • Create a powerful community
  • Rebrand or pivot after purchasing another business
  • Engage with your staff, creating an inclusive, nurtured culture and attract a higher calibre of employee
  • Prepare your business for sale
  • and much more...

By working through my Brand Builder model, we can clearly see where there may be opportunities to improve your brand, brand assets and marketing strategies. 

More often then not, I work with the founders of an organisation, as well as senior management teams and in-house marketing, to create a powerful vision, brand and implement strategies that will take you to the next level.

Contact me today to arrange an initial chat about your needs.

Adam Huttly

Director of Red-Inc, The UK's Leading Sustainable Office Supplies Company

At the time of being introduced to Natalie Montagnani, Red-inc was again at full capacity but had existed under the radar going about its day to day job, putting down firm roots and procedures, and carefully moving forward.

We knew it was time to shout about what we were doing, in particular as the brands and companies we had already signed up were very high profile and we felt other could benefit from our offering, but we need expertise and advice. 

Instantly on meeting Natalie we knew she was the right person to help take our brand and reputation forward. Above all she mirrored us with her upbeat and enthusiastic personality. The connection was instant, they were honest and took time to understand us and the company and our expectations of results and outlined a clear and concise budget. 

We have already seen an increase in activity and brand awareness and I'm confident that Natalie will be instrumental in helping us get to the next level.

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