Join our intimate Mastermind of women, just like you...

Do you crave connection, collaboration and community? Would you like to join a business family that will hold you, lift you and support you every day?

Do you find yourself procrastinating, talking yourself out of bold action in your business and not achieving the results or income that you'd really love?

I know first-hand just how overwhelming, challenging and lonely growing a business can be. But the great news is, you don't have to do it alone!

I had to learn all of my lessons the hard way. It was so stressful, isolating and it took me many years before I fulfilled my potential. I could have saved so much time, energy and money, if I'd had support - but you can with the IGNITE Mastermind...

What is the IGNITE Mastermind for women in business?

The IGNITE Mastermind is an online membership brimming with value, and it's zero risk as you can cancel at anytime.

There are loads of benefits including a monthly group coaching call and Mastermind. But can I let you into a secret? When I first started this Mastermind in 2022 I really thought it was all about sharing information, and I know our members really appreciate that and enjoy learning. But that's not where the magic is!

If you haven't realised yet, mindset as an entrepreneur is EVERYTHING! I believe it's truly the difference between successful women in business and those that give up.

It's not about the perfect product/service, the best brand, or having a magnetic personality (although these help obviously). It's about your mindset and when you're working on your own, you will come into battle with it on a daily basis. That's where this Mastermind comes into it's own.

Why? Because we all genuinely care about eachother and are there providing support, advice, contacts and knowledge, day in day out. Celebrating the wins with you and providing virtual hugs when things don't go to plan!

We have incredible experts in the group in marketing, health, beauty and more, and collectively we have hundreds of years of business experience between us. Someone has undoubtedly been there, done it and is selling the t-shirt!

The freedom you experience as an entrepreneur is incredible, but no-one warns you about the isolation. But it doesn't have to be that way. Come join us!

Check out all the many benefits below...

Member Benefits

Want a Head Start?

1-2-1 Roadmap Coaching Session

It's really important to me that we get you to where you want to be as quickly as possible, and this 90 minute Roadmap coaching session helps us to do exactly that.

It literally allows us to get your ducks in a row when you join the group, so you don't waste time, money or effort going in the wrong direction.

During the session, we will create a strategic, tactical 90 day Roadmap plan, which clarifies your vision, your goals and the exact steps you need to take to get you there.

We can do this via Zoom or you are welcome to come to my coaching space at my home in West Sussex.

Just Membership

£47.50 + VAT per month

  • Monthly Group Coaching Call
  • Monthly Masterclass
  • Members Platform With On Demand Access to Masterclasses and More
  • Private Facebook & What's App Groups
  • Discounted/free Access to Events
  • Promotion on Social Media and in the public IGNITE Facebook Community
  • Risk Free - Cancel Anytime

Membership + Roadmap

£47.50 per month + £199 + VAT

  • 90 minute 1-2-1 Roadmap Coaching Session
  • Monthly Group Coaching Call
  • Monthly Masterclass
  • Members Platform With On Demand Access to Masterclasses and More
  • Private Facebook & What's App Groups
  • Discounted/free Access to Events
  • Promotion on Social Media and in the public IGNITE Facebook Community
  • Risk Free - Cancel Anytime

Donna Weller
Marketing Consultant

You're smashing it Natalie and your advice is invaluable. Thanks for being a great support system. I'm so pleased I joined this Mastermind!

Hannah Wales
Digital Marketing Agency

The IGNITE Mastermind is a fantastic group of like-minded ladies, all with the same goal: to make their business a success (however that looks to them). Led by the wonderful, talented Natalie, there is an abundance of resources to help you to grow yourself and your business. Natalie and the group give the most amazing support, encouragement and honesty. Really pleased I joined.

Louise Pynen
Skin Specialist

I joined the IGNITE Mastermind as I feel as a Medical Grade Skin Specialist I'm ready to take my business to the next level. When I first attended one of Natalie's networking events and followed her on Facebook, I thought that this is the lady to help me get to where I need to be, to drive my business forward.

What our members say are the biggest benefits to their businesses...

Being able to ask questions and learn from others is helpful and speeds things up”

Confidence building"

“It’s given me a sense of belonging to a supportive group of like minded people, and reassurance, we’re all there for eachother when needed"

“Just knowing there are others I can ask questions of or get support from when needed. Masterclasses have good top tips”

“It spurs me on to do more activity”

“I feel safe and supported

“It has helped me feel less alone - it has helped me to see the way through a difficult time - it has helped my state of mind - which I think is so important"

Meet Our Masterclass Experts

We have had some AMAZING experts to come and speak to our members. Here is a small selection to give you a taster. All of these Masterclasses are available for you to watch now in The Vault!

Aisling Grantham
Workplace Mindfulness Coach

I joined the Mastermind first and foremost for connection with others. I found the transition from working in a corporate environment to becoming a business owner lonely at times and didn't want to walk the journey alone.

On a practical level what I found on joining was that many members had already experienced my challenges and were ready to give tips and advice from experience. This gave me the ability to quickly solve problems and save time.

I found my 1-2-1 coaching with Natalie invaluable as this provided me with real clarity on my priorities. Thank you Natalie for your amazing support!

Victoria Dawe

I joined the IGNITE Mastermind because of Natalie, she has such a wealth of knowledge and has an amazing way of encouraging you to find your own way, in your own time, whilst gently guiding you along with some impressive masterclasses.

Being part of a community is so important for a sole trader like myself, the community supports me with my goals and accountability, which in turn has helped my business move forward.

Seeing the transformation of the other members is also encouraging. It is a space to connect, to feel part of a team, to learn and thrive!

Jenifer Compton
Travel Consultant

Natalie is hugely knowledgeable, and has been a big supporter of my business. The Mastermind group gives me an invaluable opportunity to connect with like-minded business women, and share best practices as well as support eachother.

Roslyn Healey
Independent Distributor

When I first met Natalie I was aware that my business was stagnating and I needed the impetus to move it forward. Natalie is an inspiration and has helped me focus on what works and what doesn't. I am confident that 2023/2024 will see an improvement in me as well as in my business.

Vanessa Conway
Body Whisperer

The first time I heard Natalie on a Masterclass I was directly attracted by her energy. The love she spoke about marketingand supporting women was just unbelieveable. I have now participated in a few of her events and joined the IGNITE Mastermind, and it's feeling like home. I feel safe to ask for help for my business and give my support to others. She also gives advice without fluff and a hand to put a plan into place. It's best place to be!"