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The Membership is an exclusive group of women closely supporting eachother to live their business dreams!
With monthly Masterclasses, monthly group coaching, and a private Facebook group.
Enrolment to The Membership is currently closed, if you'd like to go on our waiting list, please send us a message here
In the meantime join our free, high-vibe Facebook community of women in business.
It's a place where you can connect, share and inspire, creating lasting friendships and support networks. A place for women to find support and solidarity.
Features include:
  • Wonder Women Interviews - this is where we speak to one of our amazing members about a challenge or experience they've had, what they learned and their plans for the future.
  • Self promotion - If you have your own business, this is your weekly opportunity to promote your products and services to the group in the thread that's created. You can talk about something existing or new, you could post about a client you've worked with, an event you have coming up. Anything you want to showcase your business.
  • Free Networking Events in Arundel, West Sussex and Brighton, East Sussex
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