The Brand Builder™

I have used all of my 20+ years of experience in marketing, having worked with hundreds of businesses to create The Brand Builder™.

This is a simple, yet detailed 6-step process which I guide my clients through to create authentic, powerful brands.

If you would like a free copy of my 6 Steps to Success Brand Builder™ Checklist, click here.

The Brand Builder™

1 - Vision to Voice

A deep-dive within to unearth your true purpose/calling and also to recognise and clarify your story, drivers, values, experience, knowledge, USP's and strengths, to name but a few. All of which will make your brand authentically you and will show you just how powerful you are so that you can move forward with confidence.

2 - Clients & Competitors

It is essential to know your clients, your market and your competition. You cannot distinguish and create a powerful brand, if you are not fully aware of who you are wanting to serve, their needs and wants, and who you are competing against. 

3 - Focus

The word niche is commonly used these days and it can be a minefield. Determining your niche, your area of focus, can be daunting and even feel impossible. But together we can help you to not only define it, but also to love it!

4 - Pitch & Product

So this is where we hone how you are going to communicate your brand to the world, through your words, strapline, mission statement, key messages to name but a few.

We will also clarify your value proposition, services/products and pricing. 

5 - Brand Design & Assets

Believe it or not, even though this is step 5, most people start here!

It's now time to create your stunning brand design and assets, which includes - your logo, website, brand photography and images, videos, promotional items and more.

There is lots to do here, it's really important that all of these truly reflect who you are, what you/your business stands for and why you're amazing!

6 - Promotion

Ok, so now it's time to sell and start shouting about your business to the world!

We will create a simple marketing strategy that is in-line with how much time and budget you have to invest, and also what results you are looking to achieve.

The important thing is to create a strategy that enables you to be consistent in your promotion, that's manageable and doesn't overwhelm you.

We can also discuss outsourcing, supplier selection and management.  


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