Business Coaching for Women

Do you want to serve and live your purpose? Do you want to be seen as the expert that you are? And earn a steady, profitable, income?

So what's stopping you? Often clients tell me that they've had a browse on social media, imposter syndrome kicks in and you can't see how the world needs you...but trust me, they do. There is no-one like, no-one has lived your life and no-one has your story. You are unique, and that's what I can help to draw out and celebrate, so that your ideal clients can find you, like a beacon in the dark.

Or perhaps, your efforts are ad hoc, maybe you know you need a plan, but don't know where to start? Or you second guess yourself whenever you start down a particular path?



Build a Brand not a Business

The first step, always, is to create a powerful brand. This will give you a competitive advantage that puts you head and shoulders ahead of the pack.

Too often, a new business owner will create a nice looking logo, website and social media presence, blending in with everyone else and then wonder why they're not getting a flood of enquiries. Yes, you really can be the best kept secret on the internet, and who wants that?

This is where you need to go back to the beginning and look at your brand, which is why I created my Brand Builder model.

A brand is so much more than the outer layers you see for a business, like your logo and website. By far the larger, more important part is the very reason you are doing what you're doing. You need to ask yourself questions like what is your 'why'?

Then once, you've worked out the foundations of your personal brand, you need a strategy for your business to help you to elevate that brand and attract your ideal customers.

But it's hard to do for ourselves isn't it? Even though there's so much information about marketing on the web, it would take a lifetime to find and digest it all, and by then think of all the opportunities you'd have missed out on?

There is also a lot of soul searching that needs to take place to create your brand, and the difficult part is that your mind will often play tricks on you, trying to make you play small, play safe, or even tell you you're not worthy.

Imposter syndrome has held back so many, and all of this mind BS is something that a business coach like me can help you overcome.

Together we can go through my Brand Builder model to clarify and create a truly authentic, personal brand that your clients will love, and a powerful marketing strategy that will have people clamouring at your door!

If you get your brand and strategy right, getting new clients, attracting media attention and being seen as an expert, will be a breeze. If not, you will feel stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed, as you watch your competitors receiving their awards, speaking at top events and publishing their best-selling books! 

Working with a brand and business strategist like me makes the whole process easier, faster and much more effective. I have spent over 20 years honing my knowledge of PR & Marketing - and helping people just like you to be successful. 

I will be your sounding board, offering a fresh perspective and an unbiased view. I will keep you on track and help you to deal with any obstacles you may face on your journey. 

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