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I work with women who are varying different levels in their business. From those still in corporate and creating an idea of a possible business, through to those who have multiple, mature businesses.

As you can imagine, the challenges are different and so a tailored approach is essential.  

Have a read through the options below, but should you have any questions, get in touch today and let's have a free, no obligation, discovery call.

Please know that if I do not believe that I am the right person to help you, I will tell you that and where I can, point you in the direction of an expert who may suit your needs better.

Escape Hatch Laser Coaching Session


  • Ideal for women looking to leave corporate and start their own business
  • Get a clear outline of your potential business and what the next steps would be
  • Move forward with confidence
  • Free bonus call
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Escape Hatch (Laser Coaching)

Are you frustrated in your corporate career, bored of the glass ceiling, undervalued and underpaid?

Perhaps you've been on maternity leave and want to have a more flexible lifestyle to fit in around your family?

Or maybe Covid has meant your job has changed beyond recognition or disappeared completely?

Whatever, your circumstances, this is the perfect first step for you.

Knowing what we want, and what will be profitable is a terrifying roadblock when considering self-employment. Self doubt and procrastination sets in, often leaving us immobile.

Whether you are thinking of setting up a company or creating a personal brand as a consultant or coach, it’s essential you move forward with complete clarity and confidence.

During our coaching session we will discuss:

  • Your background / experience
  • Your story
  • Your skillset
  • Your why/purpose
  • Your mission
  • Your values
  • Possible products/services you could offer

By the end of this powerful session, you will have clarity on what your business and products/services look like, and a simple strategy to help you to take essential next steps.

Once you have clarity the confidence automatically follows.

This 2 hour session is available via Zoom or in The Orangery.

Bonus: This package includes a complimentary 30 minute follow up Zoom call a month after your session.

A Strategy for Success 90 Day Signature Programme


  • Work out where the gaps and opportunities are for your business
  • Focus on profit
  • Get a clear, tactical strategy in place to help you to move forward with complete confidence

Payable in x3 monthly installments

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A Strategy for Success

(My 90 Day Signature Programme)

So you're in business but you feel stuck. Perhaps you're in need of a strategy refresh or to pivot in a whole new direction.

You're trying to do 'all the things' but feel like you're not getting anywhere, that you're not reaching your potential or earning what you feel you should.

Imposter syndrome and just lack of clarity is crippling you whenever you go on social.

And perhaps you want to rise up, to become known, to be seen as the expert you are, but at the moment you're literally the best kept secret.

Don't worry, I will work with you to create a powerful marketing strategy that will ensure your success!

The Programme

Step 1: Questionnaire

Prior to our session, I will send you a questionnaire, which will help us to prepare for our day  and ensure we get the very most from the time we spend together. 

Step 2: Consultations

We will work through my proven Brand Builder Process to identify where the gaps are in your branding and marketing so that we can ensure all of the most important foundations are in place before putting a growth strategy into place.

We will look at:

  • Vision and goals
  • Brand story, key messages and USP's/Differentiator
  • Your ideal client, marketplace and competition, including your niche
  • Your products/services
  • Your brand assets (website, promotional materials etc)
  • Sales, sales funnels and customer journey
  • Your promotional marketing strategy

We will have a 2-4 hour intensive consultation session once a month for 3 months.

Step 3: Brand Asset Creation

Alongside the consultation sessions, I will work with you to:

  • Define your vision and mission statement
  • Review and make suggestions as to how to optimise your website copy
  • Agree your key messaging (and how this translates to your social media strategy)

Step 4: Promotional Strategy

We will create a clear 6 month Marketing Communications strategy for you, which details which activities are to be trialed, when and how.

As well as discuss suppliers who can help you to deliver this.

We will also outline any sales funnels and your customer journey.

If you're serious about being successful, this package will give you everything you need to achieve your goals and vision for you and your business.


Optional: We can then arrange an on-going support, should you wish, so that once you have a great plan in place, I can help you to not get distracted.

Our regular contact means that we can keep you on track, hitting those goals and overcoming any obstacles and avoiding an distractions along the way. I am there for you whenever you need me.

The support can include bi-weekly or monthly laser coaching calls, and What's App access (weekdays only). POA

Welcome to the Orangery

All of my coaching clients are welcome to enjoy their sessions in The Orangery at my home.

When we bought our house I had a vision of rebuilding the dilapidated conservatory into a room where I could serve my clients and now it's here and ready to welcome you.

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