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Overwhelmed? Procrastinating? Going in circles?

Shiny object syndrome?

Growing and scaling a business is hard right? But it absolutely doesn't have to be. It only feels heavy or 'too much' when there's no strategy in place. 

Once you have focus and know what you need to do, when and why - you will be unstoppable! Let me help you...

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I founded my own successful Marketing Agency in 2005. So I've 'been there and bought the t-shirt' when it comes to entrepreneurship! I now love working with other aspirational service-based businesses. From Marketing Consultants, NLP Practitioners through to Digital Marketing Agencies and private Medical practices. I want to help you to create a thriving business which you can grow and scale with ease. As well as supporting you with the mindset needed to navigate the highs and lows of running a business, managing clients and building a team.


The Jam Jar

The main reason it's difficult to create a strategy on your own, or write powerful copy, or nail your niche, ideal client or key messaging - is for one reason: "It's hard to read the label when you're inside the jam jar."

I can offer you my fresh perspecitive and 25 years of experience in marketing, during which time I've helped hundreds of  businesses to flourish.

By going through my proven 'Brand Builder' method we will be able to pinpoint exactly where the gaps are in your current efforts and how we can create a powerful plan to take your consultancy business to the next level.

But it's not just about your business, it's about you and your mindset as the leader of the business too. As a trained NLP practitioner, I can help you remove any limiting beliefs, create a positive internal dialogue and build resilience and tenacity.

Interested in Working Together?

Let's talk! Book a free, no obligation call with me here

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