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Brand Strategy

Do you want to elevate your business?

Are you a start-up wanting to get noticed and grow?


Or are you an established business that's needing a marketing refresh, to stand-out from the crowd and be acknowledged as the experts you are?


Or do you want to pivot in a new direction or simply get clarity on your business and brand strategy?

Let me help you...

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Your brand strategy is key to your success.

As the world becomes a busier place with more and more distractions, it can feel impossible to stand-out, but you can. How? By creating a powerful brand.

What is a brand?

"The brand is the bit of the business that you fall in love with, connect with and feel a sense of belonging to. And it's not in one department or activity, it's in the very fabric of your organisation" Natalie Montagnani

But the problem that I see with many organisations is a lack of clear communication, not only with customers, but even with its own staff or stakeholders.

Many do not have clarity on the vision, mission or purpose of the organisation, which are key brand foundations.

How I Can Help You

I empower businesses by going back to the drawing board to redefine and refocus their brand strategy from it's very roots. So that you can:

  • Attract more of the right customers for your business, or target a new market 

  • Improve customer engagement, increase customer satisfaction and create loyal, legacy customers 

  • Increase donations and supporters

  • Become (or remain) the leader in your marketplace

  • Be seen as a thought-leader

  • Create a powerful community

  • Rebrand or pivot after purchasing another business

  • Engage with your staff, creating an inclusive, nurtured culture and attract a higher calibre of employee

  • Prepare your business for sale

  • and much more...


By working through my Brand Builder model, we can clearly see where there may be opportunities to improve your brand, brand assets and marketing strategies. 

Who I Work With

More often then not, I work with the founders or Directors of an organisation. I can also work with senior management teams and in-house marketing, to create a powerful vision, brand and implement strategies that will take you to the next level.

Please see a selection of businesses I've worked with below.

Book in with me today to arrange an initial chat about your needs.

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