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Brand Audit

I can audit your brand to help you to fill in the gaps. This can include some or all of the following areas, depending on your needs - see below...

Brand Strategy.png

Internal brand strategy

  • Brand Foundations: Values, vision, mission/roadmap, purpose/why, company culture/employee surveys

  • Marketplace: niche, ideal customer personas, competitor analysis, customer research, focus groups

  • Messaging: key messages, strapline, brand story


External brand strategy

  • Brand Styling: Brand persona (personality), style and positioning, brand elements (colours, shapes, fonts).

  • Brand assets: Materials (brochures etc), business website, online presence and social media performance

  • Customer experience: customer care, customer journey and sales process

  • Promotional strategies: PR, social media, advertising, email marketing, SEO, funnels, lead magnets


To find out more, book in for an initial free consultation.

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