Overwhelmed? Procrastinating? Going in circles?

Let me help you to get a strategy for success

Growing and scaling a consultancy business is hard right? But it absolutely doesn't have to be.

It only feels heavy or 'too much' when we are not clear on our purpose, when there's no strategy in place.

Once you have focus and know what you need to do and when, you will be unstoppable.

Let me help you...

The Jam Jar

The main reason it's difficult to create a strategy on your own, or write powerful copy, or nail your niche, ideal client or key messaging - is for one reason: "It's hard to read the label when you're inside the jam jar."

I can offer you my fresh perspecitive and 23+ years of experience in marketing, helping to scale hundreds of  businesses, to help you work out the right business strategy for you using my Brand Builder method.

By going through my method we will be able to pinpoint exactly where the gaps are in your current efforts and how we can create a powerful plan to take your consultancy business to the next level.

But it's not just about your business, it's about you and your mindset as the leader of the business too. As a trained NLP practitioner, I can help you remove any limiting beliefs, create a positive internal dialogue and build resilience and tenacity.

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Emily Perry
Consultant & Menopause Trainer

The world of marketing can be very 'noisy' and I was in a constant panic about what I should be doing, feeling I was missing out! I'd also fallen out of love with my business, as I couldn't see the wood for the trees.

I decided to work with Natalie, and it was the best decision I have made in a while. Natalie took her time to understand me, my business and who our ideal clients were. 

Our intensive session was completely practical and we came up with a detailed plan that I could then go away and implement.  

Natalie is extremely knowledgeable, has an infectious passion and since meeting with her I feel my business has been revolutionised. I am excited again about my business, and no longer scared or afraid about the direction I am headed in. We are also attracting an abundance of new enquiries from exactly the kind of customers we want to work with.

I would highly recommend Natalie to any business that is struggling to get clear on their ideas and figure out a clear structured plan.